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As of today, Monday 17 August Gard’s office in Tokyo has relocated to new premises. Please visit our Contacts page for the new office address and telephone numbers: 



Gard announced today that Shuichi Yoshida has been appointed as a Senior Adviser in the underwriting team in Tokyo, bringing with him more than 30 years’ experience in the Japanese marine insurance market.


Loss prevention material

Concentrated inspection campaigns will be undertaken by both the Tokyo and Paris MOU, on marine pollutants and tanker damage stability standards respectively during the period 1 September to 30 November 2010.


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© Gard AS, August 2011 Port State Control - Tokyo and Paris MoUs: Concentrated Inspection Campaign on Structural Safety and Load Lines Introduction In their press release of 21 July 2011, Paris and Tokyo MoUs announced ... Convention. According to the Paris and Tokyo MoUs, deficiencies related to structural safety and load lines account for 15



John Martin, moderator Siddharth Mahajan Louis Shepherd Singapore and Tokyo




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Updated 17 August 2021 Originally scheduled for 2020 but postponed due to COVID-19, this year’s joint inspection campaign by the Paris and Tokyo MoUs starts on 1 September 2021 and focuses on stability in general.



Gard Group Primary Credit Analyst: Robert J Greensted, London 44 20 7176 7095; Secondary Contact: Mark D Nicholson, London (44) 20-7176-7991; Table Of Contents Credit Highlights Outlook Key Assumptions Business Risk Profile Financial Risk Profile Other Key Credit Considerations Related C



Gard is pleased to announce that Tadashi Sugimoto will be joining the group's Tokyo office on 20 February, 2010, as managing director of Gard (Japan).


Loss prevention material

The Tokyo and Paris MoUs on Port State Control launches joint concentrated inspection campaign (CIC) focussing on emergency systems and procedures on 1 September.



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Masamichi Yokoyama

Senior Manager

TEL+ 81 3 5537 7280
MOB+ 81 80 3546 5062
@ Tokyo

Narumi Watanabe

Deputy Claims Executive

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MOB+ 81 80 2333 7080
@ Tokyo

Yoshio Imaizumi

Senior Claims Executive

TEL+ 81 3 5537 7284
MOB+ 81 80 3585 5933
@ Tokyo

Hiroko Suzue

Claims Executive

TEL+ 81 3 5537 7283
MOB+ 81 80 4142 9718
@ Tokyo

Satoru Yamashita

Claims Executive

TEL+ 81 3 5537 7269
MOB+ 81 90 6479 2544
@ Tokyo