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Gard Guidance Masters


If an attack has taken place the following evidence should be collected

  • date, vessel’s time and UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time) the attack occurred
  • the vessel’s position/location at the time of the attack
  • prevailing weather and visibility at the time of the attack (keep any weather records)
  • draught and freeboard of the vessel at time of the attack
  • if underway, the course and speed of the vessel
  • precautions taken to prevent attacks
  • type of attack
  • number of persons involved in the attack
  • description of attackers
  • description of attackers’ vessels
  • how attackers gained access to the vessel
  • whether the attackers gained access to the accommodation
  • whether threats were made by the attackers and against whom
  • whether attackers were armed and with what
  • whether attackers used violence against any persons
  • names of crew members and other persons on board injured in the attack
  • type of injuries suffered
  • damage caused by the attackers, e.g. to container doors or the vessel’s safe, including photographs thereof
  • items stolen
  • whether attackers communicated with other persons not on board the vessel, if so with whom
  • which languages were spoken by the attackers
  • names, ranks, duties and exact location of persons on the bridge at the time of the attack
  • names, ranks, duties and exact location of any eye witnesses
  • statements from eye witnesses
  • other observations made by crew or persons prior the incident.