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In addition to regulations requiring entries to be made in the vessel’s medical log when somebody falls ill, including details of the medication provided, the following further evidence should be collected

  • name, gender and duties of the person having fallen ill
  • date and exact vessel’s time when the illness was first reported and by whom
  • position/location of the vessel
  • prevailing weather conditions (keep any weather records)
  • any sudden movements of the vessel
  • work or activity the person was engaged in prior to falling ill
  • time the work or activity was commenced by the person falling ill
  • was the work authorised under the permit-to-work system
  • names, ranks, duties and other details of any witnesses
  • details of the hospital or doctor who treated the sick person ashore
  • information about the general physical condition of the sick person
  • medical treatment given prior to and after the person fell ill and by whom
  • indications of fatigue, intoxication or drug abuse
  • record of the working hours of the person before falling ill.