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Table of contents ACTION TO BE TAKEN

A. Emergency Contingency Plan
The vessel's Emergency Contingency Plan or the procedures under the vessel's SMS should be referred to immediately.

B. Further actions to be taken
Ensure that the best qualified and most experienced person on board provides medical care to the injured person

  • if there is risk of internal injury, do not move the injured person until an experienced medical person is present
  • seek medical advice over the vessel's radio and through other means of communication
  • the Master should consider deviating for medical assistance if close to the coast
  • if in port or at anchor, call an ambulance and/or the local correspondent
  • consider landing the injured person ashore
  • the Company, the P&I insurer and local correspondent must be informed if the Master decides to deviate
  • all radio messages exchanged should be recorded.

If a crew member hospitalised ashore is unable to return to the vessel, the Master should take following actions

  • record and pack all personal effects of the injured crew member, preferably in the presence of two officers, and deliver them to the agent for forwarding to the hospital, together with a copy of the inventory list
  • request the correspondent to inform the injured person's local consulate
  • consider substitution of the crew member.