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In most cases, a general average surveyor will be appointed by the average adjuster to keep an accurate record of all the actions taken together with any expenditure. Until a general average surveyor arrives on the scene the following information should be collected

  • date and vessel’s time, local and UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time)
  • vessel’s position/location
  • condition of the vessel – aground, damaged
  • precise amount of bunkers, other fuels and combustibles on board (sounding of tanks is required)
  • names, ranks and actions of crew members involved in the general average
  • detailed, chronological description of actions and measures taken
  • details of any pollution caused by the incident, please see section 3.12 Pollution
  • details of any personal injury, please see section 3.11 Personal injury, crew illness and death
  • records of any discussions or conversations.