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Gard Guidance Masters


Once an overview of the situation has been obtained and the initial measures have been initiated, the Master should take immediate instructions – as laid down in the Company’s and the vessel’s Emergency Contingency Plan – from

  • the Company
  • the P&I insurer and/or the Hull and Machinery insurer, as the case may be
  • the correspondents or lawyers instructed by the insurers for and on behalf of the Company.

    Gard AS provides a 24 hour contingency service. Expertise is pooled in a contingency team trained to handle catastrophes.

    The emergency telephone numbers for Gard AS are:
    For P&I:
    International +47 90 52 41 00 National (Norway) 90 52 41 00

    For Hull and Machinery:
    International +47 90 92 52 00 National (Norway) 90 92 52 00

    In any case, the Master should take the necessary action as is appropriate for the particular situation.