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Gard Guidance Masters


For further details please refer to Gard Loss Prevention Circular No. 04-03: Typhoon season precautions.

The Master should ensure that, whilst the vessel is in port, the same principles are applied to watchkeeping as en route, in addition to the requirements under the vessel’s SMS and SSP. This applies especially to ports exposed to a sudden change in the weather conditions requiring immediate action, to avoid lines parting or similar problems damaging the vessel and/or third party property.

Any necessary maintenance should not prevent the operation of safety systems and other systems required in port, e.g. for cargo handling.

Whilst in port safely moored alongside, the vessel’s navigational lights need to be switched off to avoid confusing other vessels under movement. Leaving the navigational lights alight whilst moored alongside contravenes the Collision Prevention Rules and may incur a liability if another vessel is confused and causes damage.