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The Singapore Bunkering Procedure (SBP) may be a helpful tool for bunkering operations, irrespective of whether the bunkering takes place alongside or from a barge.

When taking bunkers from a barge SBP requires amongst others

  • the vessel’s officer or engineer responsible to confirm in the Bunker Requisition Form the details and specifications of the bunkers to be supplied
  • the declaration of the bunker provider’s officer regarding measurements and contents of the non-cargo tanks and spaces on board the bunker tank prior to commencement of the operations
  • the invitation from the bunker tanker to the vessel’s Chief Engineer to witness the opening gauge or reading and the taking of temperature of the cargo of all tanks prior commencement of the operation
  • detailed tank gauging procedures
  • the detailed sampling requirements and procedures for representative sampling before the commencement and during the bunkering operation
  • to have a member of the vessel’s crew supervising the entire bunkering operation
  • after completion of bunkering, the vessel’s Chief Engineer to witness the closing gauge or reading, and the taking of the temperature on board the bunker tanker
  • if there is a dispute over the quantity, the bunker tanker’s tanks are to be inspected and gauged by a surveyor.

    Please see also sections Pollution by oil and 3.12 Pollution.