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In instances of apparent rough or unsafe handling by stevedores, the Master should
  • interrupt loading of the cargo
  • advise the stevedore company accordingly – verbally and in writing
  • ask for the damage to be put right
  • obtain a written acknowledgement of the damage caused.

    The written acknowledgement from the stevedore company should be obtained on, for example, the stevedore damage form. Evidence should also be collected as to how the damage occurred.

    The Hull and Machinery cover may be affected if there is structural damage to the vessel. If the stevedore company does not carry out repairs, the Master is advised to call in the Hull and Machinery insurer’s local correspondents to assist and to survey the damage.

    When cargo is damaged by stevedores prior to loading, the bills of lading may need to be claused – please see section 2.11.4 Bills of lading.