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Gard Guidance Masters GENERAL

For further details please refer to
  • Gard News 177, Major cargo claims analysis – Liquid bulk, reefer unitised and containerised carriage
  • Gard News 167, value your bills like your pint of beer.

    Claims in relation to the carriage and delivery of liquid or liquefied cargo may arise due to
  • shortage and/or cargo remaining on board after completion of discharge
  • contamination by impurities or residues of previous cargoes
  • leakage from adjacent tanks containing, for example, other grades of cargo or ballast
  • improper operation of valves during loading/discharge
  • improper temperature maintenance during the voyage
  • damage caused by defective cooling/heating systems
  • leakage from heating coils or hydraulic pumps
  • leaking tank hatches
  • cargo contamination due to transfer of vapour between cargo tanks
  • shore side errors.