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Gard Guidance Masters SAFE WORKING TOOLS

Safe tools must be

  • functioning properly
  • free from oil or dirt
  • fit for the intended use.

    Special care needs to be taken when using power tools. These should be checked before use and

  • power tools should only be handled by trained personnel
  • safety guards must be in place
  • when switched on, the power tool should not jump or move
  • electric cables must be intact to prevent short circuiting or electric shocks
  • there should be sufficient lighting and adequate ventilation in the work place
  • a permit-to-work procedure should be in place for the use of power tools.

    The Master and his/her officers should ensure that any crew member using power tools knows how to switch the power tool OFF before switching it ON!

    The Master should ensure that all defective tools are either

  • not used
  • removed, stored away and marked as defective
  • disposed of in a safe and responsible manner, or
  • repaired.