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Gard Guidance Masters


Clear communication is essential for mutual understanding and is an important factor in the safe and secure operation of the complex structure of a vessel. In accordance with the ISM Code, the Master should ensure that a common working language, understood by all on board the vessel, is used in all areas of the vessel.
Unless provided for in the SMS, procedures must be established for reporting

  • daily operations such as
    – bilge soundings
    – checks on cargo lashings, temperatures, ventilation
    – bunkers and other consumables, tank conditions
    – performance, weather and crew
  • special operations such as manoeuvring in deteriorating weather, entering coastal waters, narrows, confined waters, traffic separation schemes, ports etc.

    Unless provided for in the SSP, procedures must be set up for reporting

  • regular operations such as security rounds and watches, testing of alarms, security integrity, checking that the crew is complete
  • special operations such as entering into areas or ports known to contain threats to the vessel’s security such as attacks or other forms of violence etc.

    The Master should ensure that written reports of the above operations are made in the relevant log books and maintenance files as required under the SSP.