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Gard Guidance Masters


Discipline is the basis for the proper performance of duties and a prerequisite for the operational and functional safety of the vessel as

  • any breaches of statutes, laws, and international conventions at sea or in port can have serious consequences for the person concerned, including criminal prosecution, for the vessel – including detention or confiscation and for the Company as well as for the insurers
  • any deviation from Company policy, procedures and instructions may have severe implications
  • compliance with instructions given by superiors is essential.

    The Master should not forget that discipline begins with the appearance of each crew member, who should wear proper and adequate safety clothing, shoes and/or hard hats at all times. The right clothing is the best protection against personal injury. When approaching port or whilst in port each crew member need to display the appropriate identification for officials and other visitors to see.

    The best form of discipline comes out of respect. The Master must earn the respect of his/her officers and crew through his/her leadership and management skills and must lead by example, e.g. he/she should also wear the correct Personal Protective Equipment – please also see section Safe working clothes – Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), comply with the no smoking policy etc.