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Gard Guidance Masters


The Master is advised to continually monitor the fitness and health of the crew during the voyage. This includes observing

  • alcohol consumption
  • drug abuse
  • abuse of medications<
  • fatigue.

    Accidents are often caused, or contributed to, by inattentive, intoxicated or fatigued crew. Should the Master, therefore, observe any of the above, he/she should take whatever necessary and appropriate corrective action without delay. Particular attention should be paid to mandatory resting times prior to watches, as required by the STCW 95, if applicable.

    The Master should closely monitor indications of physical or psychological unfitness and should, if necessary

  • review working hours/workloads of the relevant individuals
  • initiate a medical examination
  • inform the Company and request a substitution.

    For further guidance please see section 2.6.4 Drugs and alcohol.