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Gard Guidance Masters


Logbooks and similar records of ship borne activities should be up-to-date and maintained in a presentable manner. Pages should not be torn out of logbooks or any other record books. Corrections should be initialled and remain visible, i.e. not erased, so as to avoid suspicion if inspected.

False entries in the vessel’s record books may in many countries constitute a crime and the Master and ship’s officers can be subject to criminal prosecution, substantial fines and maybe even imprisonment. The vessel may also be delayed whilst investigations are being carried out. The Company may suffer financially and/or be exposed to liabilities, costs and expenses.

Special care is needed for the entries in the oil record book. Errors or false entries will result in problems or investigations when discovered by a port State control officer or the US Coast Guard.

The Master must ensure that the crew member(s) responsible for completing the oil record book has adequate training and understanding of how to correctly complete the book. The Master should also ensure that all tanks identified in the oil record book are in accordance with the IOPP certificate.

For more details on pollution please see section 2.16.3 Pollution.