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Gard Guidance Masters


Structural failures and a subsequent call at a port of refuge may involve the P&I insurers as well as the Hull and Machinery insurers. The Master should therefore immediately contact the Company, the P&I insurer and the Hull and Machinery insurer.

Such a first report should contain

  • short description of the incident
  • date, vessel’s time and UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time) of the incident
  • position/location of the incident
  • extent of damage sustained by the vessel
  • status of watertight integrity
  • status of cargo (e.g. loss over board, shifted or similar)
  • prevailing weather, current and tidal conditions at the time of the incident (keep any weather records)
  • any fatality or personal injury on vessel, please see section 3.11 Personal injury
  • any pollution caused by the incident, please see section 3.12 Pollution.