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Gard Guidance Masters


As it is not certain whether any such damage can be fully recovered from the third party having caused and being responsible for the damage, the cover provided by the Hull and Machinery insurance may be involved. Therefore, the Company and the Hull and Machinery insurer must be contacted.

As in the case of any other damage it is important to collect the necessary evidence as soon and as complete as possible in order for the Company to be able to pursue the claim. Accordingly, as soon as an incident occurs the Hull and Machinery insurer and the correspondent should be advised. The following information should be provided

  • short factual description of the incident
  • date and vessel’s time of the incident
  • position/location of the incident
  • extent of damage sustained by the vessel
  • prevailing weather conditions at the time of the incident (keep any weather records)
  • any fatality or personal injury, please see section 3.11 Personal injury
  • any pollution, please see section 3.12 Pollution.