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In most instances pollution by oil or oily substances causes considerable harm to animals and plants as well as damage to third party property. The initial damage may be caused by the pollutant itself. Clean-up operations may in some instances add to the damage and some affected property cannot be cleaned or repaired and must be replaced.

Depending on the amount of oil spilled and the extent of the pollution, the chemicals used by the authorities for dispersing the oil may increase the extent of the damage. In any case, measures to restrict the pollution and the subsequent clean-up should be left to the national authorities or the contractors engaged by the Company or its representatives, as the case may be in some countries, e.g. USA. These contractors have the experience to deal with pollution as well as the necessary equipment and manpower. However, this does not prevent the P&I insurer or the Company from becoming involved in monitoring the clean-up, which will normally be undertaken by experts appointed by the P&I insurer or the correspondents for and on behalf of the Company.