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Gard Guidance Masters


If a fixed and floating object (FFO) or other third party property is damaged by

  • manoeuvring the vessel
  • the vessel’s anchors or mooring lines
  • wash damage,
    any claim is often lodged at a later stage when it is difficult to take measures to minimise losses and to collect the evidence necessary to defend the claim. Accordingly, as soon as an incident occurs the P&I and/or Hull and Machinery insurer and correspondent should be informed.

    If there has been damage to third party property, the Master is advised to consider notifying the nearest competent local authority or National Operational Contact Point as well, depending on the nature of the incident.

    Wash damage often goes unnoticed by the vessel’s command and a claim may only be lodged at a much later stage. Therefore, as much evidence as possible should be obtained to defend any such claim.

    The following information should be provided

  • short description of the incident
  • date and vessel’s time of the incident, local and UTC (Co-ordinated Universal Time)
  • position/location of the incident
  • extent of damage sustained by the own vessel
  • extent of damage sustained by the FFO/third party property
  • prevailing weather conditions at the time of the incident (keep any weather records)
  • any fatality or personal injury, please see section 3.11 Personal injury
  • any pollution, please see section 3.12 Pollution.