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Table of contents

Gard Guidance Masters GENERAL

Due to the increased global focus on environmental issues, pollution, irrespective of the substance and cause involved, not only attracts immediate public attention but constitutes a criminal offence in most countries, often with severe personal consequences for the Master and the ship’s personnel involved.

As pollution has far reaching consequences reference should always be made to the Gard Handbook on Protection of the Marine Environment.

Every aspect of pollution is dealt with in detail in the above Handbook. Information can be found on

  • general environmental issues
  • major causes of marine pollution
  • pollution prevention
  • reducing pollution
  • contingency planning
  • international and national historical and legislative background
  • MARPOL 73/78, including all Annexes
  • other relevant environmental conventions
  • national response systems
  • liability and compensation schemes.

    Due to the current focus on pollution some aspects are briefly dealt with in this section.