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Gard Guidance Masters HANDING OVER THE WATCH

The Master should instruct his/her officers not to hand over the watch

  • if the relieving officer or other watch members appear unfit
  • until the relieving officer is fully briefed
  • until the relieving officer is satisfied that the contents of any specific instructions are understood
  • until the vision of the relieving watch members is fully adjusted to the light conditions
  • unless the vessel’s position, course and speed are clear
  • until the relieving officer is aware of the navigational situation and the traffic
  • until manoeuvres initiated immediately prior to handing over the watch have been completed and the situation is clear.

    If an officer of the watch is in charge and the Master attends the bridge, the Master should clearly state when he/she

  • takes over from the watchkeeping officer, or
  • handing navigational command back to the watchkeeping officer. Such a takeover or hand back needs to be reported in writing in the relevant log.