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Gard Guidance Masters


Seaworthiness includes having sufficient stores, fuel, water and provisions for the duration of the intended voyage plus a reasonable safety margin. The Master, together with the officers and engineers, should determine

  • the amount of bunkers, diesel oil and lubrication oil needed, taking into consideration any instructions from the charterer as to speed, consumption and bunkering ports
  • the amount of freshwater required, taking into account the vessel’s own production and any replenishment facilities along the intended route. Any deviation to take on freshwater will not only result in additional costs and time but may result in a claim for unreasonable deviation
  • the amount of provisions required, taking into account the anticipated climatic conditions and the supply available during the voyage
  • whether original spare parts produced by the manufacturer are sufficiently available to replace any defective machinery parts, including the cargo gear, both in the engine room and on deck.