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Gard Guidance Masters DRAFT SURVEY

For further information please refer to
  • Gard News 176, Major cargo claims analysis – dry bulk and unitised cargo
  • Gard News 172, Draft surveys
  • Gard News 153, The importance of draft surveys in the defence of claims for shortage of bulk cargoes
  • Gard News 153, Dry cargo surveys from the Club’s perspective.

    A draft survey should be undertaken prior to the commencement of loading of any bulk cargo to assess the proper light weight of the vessel, bunkers, fresh water and stores. This is necessary in order to compare the figures with those assessed during a draught survey after loading. It is advisable to arrange a draft survey of the vessel after loading a bulk cargo to assess the actual weight loaded, particularly when
  • the shipper’s weight figures differ from the weight assessed by the vessel
  • the shipper’s weight figures differ from the weight provided prior to loading.

    The local correspondent will be able to assist the Master in arranging and instructing a competent surveyor.