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Gard Guidance Masters


Particular attention should be paid to any cargo gear such as
  • derricks
  • cranes
  • all standing and running rigging with fixtures
  • lashing points
  • container and cargo lashing gear such as bars, chains and turnbuckles, which should be sufficient in strength and number and must be compatible with each other.

    To ensure safe loading operations of containers or other units, container cell guides and similar arrangements should be
  • maintained and in alignment
  • without any obstacles.

    Where additional equipment such as stanchions are fitted on deck, careful inspection is required if the surrounding area shows any cracks as such equipment is subject to considerable tension or bending loads. If defects are discovered, these must be rectified immediately and the classification society notified.

    It is advisable that the Master keeps records of certain special types of lashing gear which are subject to considerable strains, tensions or loads. Such material should be the subject of additional checks before being applied.