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Whilst the SSP should, according to the ISPS Code, contain a strategy to prevent drug smuggling, there are some basic measures that can be taken in port or at anchorage as follows
  • the Master should set up a detailed drug search list
  • regular searches based on the above search list should be conducted prior to and upon departure from a port known for drug smuggling
  • there should be sufficient lighting at night to light up the exterior of the vessel, the adjacent pier and water areas when in port
  • all access doors to accommodation and stores which are not required for the operation of the vessel, should be locked and sealed if possible compartments which can be used to conceal drugs should be secured, locked and sealed if possible
  • areas which cannot be sealed should be accessed by authorised personnel only
  • a gangway security system should be in operation 24 hours a day
  • prior to entering a port known for drug smuggling, empty containers should be locked and sealed with serially numbered seals.

    Should drug smuggling activities or drugs be discovered please see section 3.6 Drug smuggling.