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In certain areas there is an increasing number of violent criminal attacks on vessels underway and the crews on board. Areas known for such violence are South East Asia, the East Coast of South America, some parts of the Caribbean and the West and East Coasts of Africa. Irrespective of the regions mentioned, the Master and the entire crew must be on constant guard wherever the vessel may be.

Targets are
  • the vessel
  • her crew
  • her passengers
  • cargo
  • property on board.

    Pirates entering a vessel are mainly targeting valuables, such as
  • the vessel’s safe and its contents
  • cash belonging to the crew
  • radio communication equipment
  • cameras and binoculars
  • laptops, electronic and entertainment equipment.

    Thieves are sometimes looking for the contents of particular containers. There have been recent incidents where a vessel’s entire cargo has been targeted and the vessel hijacked.

    Each violent act, from piracy attack, cargo theft, and pilferage to a politically motivated attack, requires different responses and solutions.