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The following steps should be taken to reduce the risk of accidents occurring
  • on and under deck steps must be clearly marked, preferably painted in contrasting colours
  • handrails must be intact on all stairs and walkways to provide a safe grip
  • in areas with dimmed lighting, such as bars, there should be sufficient direct lighting to light up stairs and steps
  • warning signs of an appropriate size and colour should be displayed where required, e.g. “Slippery when wet”
  • the depths should be clearly shown on the sides of swimming pools
  • empty swimming pools should be covered with safety nets to prevent unauthorised access and accidental falls
  • dangerous or radio transmission areas must be fenced off to prevent unauthorised access
  • intoxicated passengers should not be permitted to consume further amounts of alcohol
  • wherever possible, personnel should be available to give a helping hand – a simple fall, particularly by an elderly passenger, may cause severe fractures requiring lengthy medical care
  • platforms on accommodation ladders and ramps used for embarkation, disembarkation and boat transfers should be sufficiently railed and have a non-slip surface
  • properly trained personnel should be available to assist
  • lifebuoys should be in place, ready for use
  • life jackets must be worn by everybody during excursions in open boats.

    If the weather is expected to deteriorate warnings should be given and appropriate measures are to be taken by the vessel’s command, such as
  • prohibit access to the outer decks
  • suspend all leisure activities
  • instruct all passengers to stay in their cabins.

    Seats, doors and bunk ladders need special attention
  • secure and, where appropriate, lash all seating on the vessel
  • clamps holding cabin doors should be in proper working condition
  • closing or sliding doors should be provided with damped automatic door closures slowing the door down preventing fingers being trapped
  • bunk ladders in cabins should be safely secured.

    If an accident occurs, even a simple slip or fall, it is very important to show concern and provide immediate help and assistance – the ship’s doctor should be called immediately.