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Gangways and accommodation ladders should
  • be intact
  • be properly rigged with handrails
  • have handrails set at a safe angle to the vessel
  • have properly rigged safety nets
  • have a lifebuoy in place
  • be permanently manned with a security check in place to comply with the requirements of the SSP.

    If the vessel is at the anchorage
  • a gangway watch should also be in place
  • a direct line of communication should be established with the officer of the watch.

    For personnel entering or leaving by platforms to accommodation ladders, the platforms should be
  • tightly rigged and secured
  • properly fenced.

    Particular attention should be paid to maintaining proper and safe rigging of the accommodation ladder when in tidal ports. The same applies if the accommodation ladder needs to be shifted due to cargo operations.
    Pilot ladders and lifts should be rigged in accordance with the International Maritime Pilots’ Association (IMPA) Regulations or equivalent standards.

    There must be sufficient lighting of the entire area during the hours of darkness.

    If access to the vessel is over the vessel’s ramps, precautions have to be taken in accordance with the layout of the vessel and the ramp to prevent anyone falling over the ramp.