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Gard Guidance Masters ENGINE AND PUMP ROOMS

The engine and pump rooms, including workshops, must be safe working environments. A permanent state of cleanliness is the key to preventing accidents. Careful maintenance in accordance with the manufacturer’s and the Company’s instructions is essential to avoid malfunctions or breakdowns which may affect the safety of the vessel, the crew, the cargo and the marine environment.

The following steps should therefore be taken

  • these areas should always be kept clean and free from spilt oil
  • the bilge under the engine room floor should be kept clean and free from spilt oil
  • leaks should be rectified immediately
  • completion of repairs should be recorded in the relevant log and Company forms according to the SMS.

    The Master should satisfy himself that there are no by-passes of oily water-separation pipes. The next inspection by a port State control officer will undoubtedly discover such irregularity and appropriate steps will be taken by the authorities, not only causing delay to the vessel and incurring additional costs, but will also result in further investigations and possibly criminal prosecutions with fines or even imprisonment being imposed against the Master, the Chief Engineer and the person having arranged the bypass.