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Gard Guidance Masters


Safety is the concern of everybody on board a vessel. Done properly it will prevent accidents and help protect the marine environment.
It includes

  • the structure of the vessel
  • the operation of the vessel, and
  • good working practices.

    Safety is achieved by creating a safe working environment in which safe working practices and equipment are employed at all times.

    It is vitally important that safety is not neglected but is continuously maintained in an emergency; safety should become a way of life.

    Should a crew member suffer an injury or fall ill

  • it may cause permanent disability if severe – which will, in turn, affect his/her family, friends and ability to work
  • substantial compensation may be payable under his/her crew contract and/or national law
  • the safety of the vessel may be compromised as he/she is prevented from performing his/her duties
  • an investigation into the cause of the accident is required, please see section 3.11 Personal injury, crew illness or death.

    Works carried out on a vessel can be dangerous if

  • safety equipment is defective or used improperly
  • defective tools and materials are used
  • sloppy working practices are employed
  • safety precautions are not taken seriously
  • hazards have not been adequately identified, and
  • the risks involved have not been fully and properly assessed.