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Gard Guidance Masters


The hospital should be
  • regularly inspected
  • expected to be found spotlessly clean and hygienic.

    The hospital should not be used as a storage room or cabin!

    A properly kept and detailed medicine log will evidence proper medical care and demonstrates to the authorities how medicine abuse is being prevented. Medicines may save lives. Prior to the commencement of the voyage the Master should ensure that

  • all medicines required to be in the medicine stores are actually on board and are within their expiry dates
  • out of date medication is replaced immediately.

    If, during the voyage, any medicines expire, it needs to be stored separately, but must nevertheless be declared as such in any customs declaration.

    Any surplus medicines not recorded in the vessel’s medical stores list may arouse suspicions with authorities and such unrecorded items may have serious consequences, such as criminal prosecutions, for the Master.

    Access to the medicine stores should be restricted to authorised personnel only and in accordance with the Company’s or applicable flag State administration’s rules.

    No crew member should be allowed to possess private medicines without the Master being notified. The crew should be requested to compile a list, to be verified by the Master or his/her officers, of private medicines carried on board. Possession of undeclared private medicines may in some countries constitute a breach of customs or other regulations, with the possibility of a fine being imposed on the Master and the individual crew member.

    If a crew member has been prescribed medication, the original or a certified copy of the prescription should be carried together with the medicine.