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Gard Guidance Masters


An inspection of the entire accommodation including
  • living quarters
  • passengers quarters
  • sanitary installations
  • ship’s galley and provisions stores, provides a reliable impression of the general maintenance of the vessel. Untidy, dirty and unhygienic crew accommodation, showers and toilets, mess rooms and galleys are a serious threat to the safety of the vessel and require immediate corrective action.

    Unhygienic surroundings may lead to outbreaks of food poisoning which can seriously affect the health of the crew. As today’s vessels sail with a small number of crew on board, such outbreaks may seriously effect the safety of the vessel. A clean and tidy galley, provision stores and accommodation quarters are the best means to maintaining the health of the crew. Provision stores, including cooling and freezing stores, should be checked regularly and expiry dates for foodstuffs observed. Frozen food should be checked for freezer burn and any affected meat must be disposed of.

    The water system of the entire vessel needs to be regularly checked and cleaned. Maintenance of the entire water pipe system, including ventilation and air condition installations, must take place at scheduled intervals to prevent the outbreak of bacterial infections such as legionnaire’s disease, especially when trading in areas with mild temperatures.

    If freshwater swimming pools are in use, regular water quality tests must be carried out and the results recorded in the appropriate logs.

    The Master should be aware that there are various International Labour Organization (ILO) regulations which must be complied with and port State control officers may also inspect the vessel’s accommodation, galleys and provision stores to check compliance and will take appropriate action, if required.