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Table of contents

Gard Guidance Masters


This publication is structured in such a way as to enable the Master to find an easy path to the different aspects of ship operations and claims that may arise. The guidance provided focuses on areas such as

  • general loss prevention
  • incident response advice from both P&I and Hull and Machinery perspectives.

    Loss prevention is advice on how to prevent

  • the safety of the vessel and crew being compromised
  • damage to the marine environment and third party property.

    The purpose of loss prevention is to

  • prevent accidents to the ship and crew
  • maintain safe operational standards
  • prevent prosecution.

    P&I response contains advice on how to

  • respond when a P&I incident occurs, and
  • reduce any liability exposure before assistance arrives from ashore.

    Hull and Machinery insurance advice deals with how to

  • possibly prevent damage, and
  • how to minimise any damage already occurred.

    Where the ISM Code or the SMS is referred to and the vessel concerned is not required to have a SMS, it is recommended that equivalent operating standards be applied.

    Where the ISPS Code or the SSP is referred to and the ship concerned is not required to have a SSP, it is recommended that equivalent security measures be maintained.

    By applying the principles contained in this guidance – unless circumstances require an alternative approach – the Master and his/her officers will hopefully find the Gard Guidance to Masters a useful tool in supporting and maintaining the SMS of the Company and vessel, and the SSP of the vessel.