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Gard Guidance Masters


We are delighted to be publishing a second edition of the Gard Guidance to Masters for the best reason in the world for a publisher – the last one is now “out of print”! The world has also moved on significantly both legally and for Gard since the first edition was published in 2000. In the case of the former the ERIKA and ISPS are just a few of the issues which have influenced maritime law and practice, while Gard has moved from being solely a provider of P&I insurance to offering Hull and Machinery, P&I and Energy products to the entire maritime industry. As a result, the new and revised edition of Gard Guidance to Masters now includes Hull and Machinery.

We are pleased to have worked again with Captain Ronald Wöhrn who undertook a major task in re-writing this edition and who has delivered a first class product. The structure of the first edition has been retained for the second – with short and precise guidelines written in simple language on how to respond in critical situations on board. We would like to thank him warmly for a job well done. In his Acknowledgement Captain Wöhrn mentions the individuals who contributed to this second edition and I would like to add my thanks to everyone who gave their time and expertise to this publication.

The identification of risks, and possible ways to reduce and prevent them, are key priorities for Gard and we have been distributing circulars on important loss prevention matters since the early 1950’s. We devote considerable resources to helping all our Members and clients in this area and the publication of this book is a key part of our activities.

Tangible measurements of success are often difficult to attribute to specific activities, especially in the prevention of loss, but if only one such case has been prevented through our efforts we would consider the investment a success. However, we realise that it is a never-ending effort as new areas on which we have to focus arise all the time. I am sure that this edition of the Guidance to Masters will become a valuable source of reference, providing useful information and guidance for readers as well as raising awareness and understanding topics that are important to us all.

August 2006

Claes Isacson

Chief Executive Officer,

Gard AS