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Chapter 1 of Part II of the Statutes and Rules describes the cover that is available from the Association. However, it must be appreciated that the cover available under these Rules is subject not only to the various limitations on cover specified in each individual Rule and the more general provisions of Chapter 2 of Part II, but is subject also to all other relevant provisions of the Rules and the Statutes of the Association. 

In some situations the restrictions which have traditionally been placed on P&I cover may not provide the Member with fully adequate cover in relation to the particular trade in which the Member is engaged. Accordingly, Gard has developed additional covers to meet the Members’ insurance needs, e.g. the Extended Cargo Cover, Comprehensive Carriers Cover and Extended Crew Cover, details of which are available on Gard’s website: www.gard.no. The additional covers are provided on a fixed premium basis and are reinsured in the commercial market.