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I am delighted to offer Members, clients, brokers and other business partners our updated Gard Guidance to the Rules for 2021 reflecting changes made in the Rules for Ships for the policy year commencing on 20 February 2021. Details of the Rule changes are found in Circular No 15/2020 sent to Members in January 2021.

The book aims to give navigational aid in the sometimes complex waters of P&I and Defence insurance. The first edition of the book was published in 2008 and proved to be in demand externally as well as being a very useful reference for our own staff dealing with underwriting, claims or legal issues. Since 2015, we have annually updated the electronic edition of the Guidance, which is available on www.gard.no.

I am also pleased that Mr. Richard Williams continues to be involved as the main author and editor for the book. Richard is a former partner in the London law firm of Ince and Honorary Professor and teacher of maritime law at the University of Wales, Swansea. His expertise in shipping law, writing and editorial skills as well as teamwork capabilities are invaluable and deserve our greatest appreciation.

As always, Richard has worked closely with a Gard team of experienced P&I professionals, who again have reached out to their colleagues in the organisation for comments and contributions. I am very grateful and proud that Gard has so many inspired and engaged employees who, aside from their daily duties and tasks, have managed to dedicate the time needed for this project.

The annual revision of the Gard Guidance to the Rules is Gard’s way of sharing updated P&I knowledge and experience with Members, clients, brokers and other business partners in a rapidly changing business environment. I hope you will all find it helpful in your work and that you do not hesitate to contact Gard if you have questions or comments.


Arendal, February 2021 

Rolf Thore Roppestad
Chief Executive Officer
Gard AS