Special tanker Circular No Special tanker Circular No. 2/98


May 1998

Dear Sirs,


We refer to Special tanker Circular No. 1/98 in which we advised owners of the requirements for two CLC certificates with effect from 16 May 1998. At that time we were unable to provide full details of a ship registry which would be prepared to issue 1969 CLC certificates. We are now able to confirm that two registries will be able to issue certificates: Malta and Panama.

Certificates may be obtained by addressing a simple letter of application to:
Registrar of Ships
Merchant Shipping Directorate
Malta Maritime Authority
Maritime House
Valletta VLT 01

Telephone No: + 356 250 360
Telefax No: + 356 241 460
The application should be accompanied by:
• the ship’s blue card;
• a copy of the ship’s current certificate of registry; and
• payment.

The cost of the certificate is LM 40 which is equivalent to USD 100. The fee can be paid in any freely convertible currency either by cheque or by bank transfer to the Registry’s account at the:

Malta Maritime Authority
Account No: 025 2210172
Mid Med Bank Limited
Lascaris Wharf
Valletta, Malta

Cheques should be made payable to Malta Maritime Authority.

A faxed copy of the certificate will be acceptable although this must be replaced by an original blue card in due course.

Members wishing to obtain copies of Maltese blue cards are requested to contact the Association.

Panamanian CLC certificates can be obtained from any of the following addresses:
Consulate General of Panama
Panama House
40 Hertford Street
London W1Y 71G, United Kingdom
Telephone: + 44 171 409 2255
Telefax: + 44 171 493 4499

Consulate of Tokyo
Kowa Bldg. No. 5 R, 802
4-15-23 Nishi Azabu
Tokyo 106, Japan
Telephone: + 81 3 3499 3661
Telefax: + 81 3 3499 3666

Consulate of New York
1212 Avenue of the Americas
10th Floor
New York, NY 10036, USA
Telephone: + 1 212 840 2450
Telefax: + 1 212 840 2469

London: Applications should be in writing accompanied by an original blue card and a cheque payable to "Consulate General of Panama" for USD 100 or GBP 59. Payment can also be effected by bank transfer.

We list below transfer instructions:
1. Clearly state name(s) of vessel(s) being covered.
2. If remitting for more than one vessel, itemise the amount billed for each vessel.
3. Send a copy of the transfer confirmation with all the details of the vessel(s) by fax to the Consulate of Panama (telefax + 44 171 493 4499).
4. For payments in US Dollars only:
Consulate General of Panama - London
US $ A/C PANCO USDA24. Sort code: 16-01-01
The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
Shipping Business Centre
5-10 Great Tower Street
London EC3P 3HX
5. For payments in UK Sterling Pounds only:
Consulate General of Panama - London
A/C 50003186. Sort code: 16-01-01
The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc
Shipping Business Centre
5-10 Great Tower Street
London EC3P 3HX

The certificate will be returned by registered mail but can be sent by courier for an additional fee of GBP 30.

Tokyo: Applications should be on the usual Panamanian application form accompanied by a payment of ¥ 36,720, and original blue card and a copy of the ship’s certificate of registry.

Members should have already received faxed copies of their blue cards. The originals of the Panamanian blue cards are in the post.

IMO Recommendation
At the time of despatch of our Special Tanker Circular No. 1/98, the final version of the IMO Legal Committee recommendation printed on headed note paper was not available. We now attach a copy of the final recommendation and suggest that a copy of this recommendation be placed on all vessels calling at 1969 CLC ports.

Yours faithfully,

John G. Bernander
Managing Director