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Widening the reach

Moving the conference online has also provided IUMI with the opportunity to widen the conference’s reach. For the first time all interested maritime professionals are welcome to attend and the event hopes to embrace a broader cross-section of marine insurance participants than ever before. In particular, IUMI hopes that younger underwriters will choose to attend.

A long-standing involvement with IUMI

Gard has a long history of involvement with IUMI and participation in its Boards and Committees. Working together with other industry organisations, to share knowledge and expertise within our industry, enables us to better understand the emerging challenges and opportunities that we and our maritime and offshore customers face. Our engagement is wide ranging and through our participation in and focus on topics such as container fires, we are able to draw attention to issues of considerable concern common to our and our customers’ industries.

Representation on Boards and Committees

Jan-Hugo Marthinsen, Vice President, Head of Offshore Energy Claims is currently Vice Chairman of the IUMI Executive Committee. In addition, we are represented on the following Committees/Fora:

  • Facts & Figures Committee - Jun Lin, Vice President, Business Development
  • Legal & Liability Committee – Tim Howse, Vice President, Industry Liaison
  • Loss Prevention Committee – Kristin Urdahl, Senior Loss Prevention Executive and Jan-Hugo Marthinsen is the IUMI Executive Committee liaison.
  • Salvage Forum – Leif Erik Abrahamsen, Vice President, Marine Claims

If you are interested in participating in ten days of first-class workshops, panel discussions and Q&As with expert speakers from around the world, you can find more information about the conference and how to register here: www.iumi2020.com