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Why do we support the WMU?

We see the Fellowship as an opportunity to support the WMU in their mission to build global capacity and to promote sustainable development through their educational programs.

By supporting individuals, we take a long-term view that students will return to their jobs or obtain other positions within the shipping industry being better prepared for their tasks. We believe this in turn contributes to a better and more sustainable industry and society in general.

Meet the 2017 graduate: Pinsupa Kanhasut

Pinsupa Kanhasut from Thailand enrolled at the WMU in Sweden in August 2016.

She saw the studies at the WMU as an opportunity to develop her knowledge, skill and expertise in her role at the Marine Department of Thailand.

While at the WMU, Pinsupa specialized in maritime law and policy.

In a letter to Gard, Pinsupa said My time at the WMU and in Sweden was marvelous! I gained a lot of maritime knowledge, skill and expertise, I met a lot of new friends from various continents and visited many countries during field studies. Finally, I would like to express my sincere gratitude again for the generosity and support received from Gard. I hope I can apply the knowledge and skill learned at the WMU to develop maritime transportation in my home country as much as possible. Your generosity has inspired me to help others and give back to community.”

A collaboration to be continued

Our seven year collaboration with the WMU has benefitted four students from Vietnam and two from Thailand during this time, but our involvement is much broader than just providing financial support. Gard employees give lectures in P&I at the University and contribute with leadership training.  Svein Buvik, Chief External Affairs Officer in Gard is on the WMU board. Gard will continue to support WMU with an annual fellowship and assist in developing the university further when it comes to knowledge and expertise.