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For Gard, Corporate Social Responsibility is so much more than just charitable activity or pure financial support. It is about how what we do every day affects the environment, our employees and the society in general. This is why sharing knowledge and expertise is such an important part of what we do and why this will form the basis of our partnership with the Norwegian Red.

We want this partnership to be a dialogue, to strengthen the Red Cross’s humanitarian work while increasing the knowledge and engagement among our employees of the humanitarian situation in those countries and regions where we operate.

In addition to financial support for aid at international, national and regional level, the Red Cross will be able to access Gard’s expertise and global correspondent network to receive assistance with their projects. In return, Gard employees will benefit from the Red Cross’s field expertise in crisis handling, crisis communication, infrastructure, international agreements, etc.

You can visit the Norwegian Red Cross, the International Committee of Red Cross or your local Red Cross webpage to learn more.