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Gard News 199, August/October 2010

A new regulation concerning the prevention of transfer of alien organisms via ballast water and sediments from ships (the Ballast Water Regulation) is set to enter into force in Norway on 1st July 2010.

The regulation provides requirements for ballast water management with regard to exchange of untreated ballast water, ballast water treatment, ballast water discharge to reception facilities, ballast water and sediments management plan and ballast water record book. Norwegian ships using ballast water treatment technologies and with a gross tonnage of 400 or above shall be surveyed and certified by the Norwegian Maritime Directorate. This requirement does not apply to mobile offshore units.

With few exceptions, the regulation will apply in Norwegian territorial waters and in the Norwegian economic zone to all ships built to carry ballast water. Submersible vessels and mobile offshore units under transport are also regarded as ships.

An English version of the regulation can be found at www.bimco.org/~/media/2010/BIMCO_News/Ports/Norwegian_Ballast_Water.ashx.