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As part of the Millennium festivities, a commission appointed by the Norwegian government and named Norway 2000 set the following as pointers for the celebrations: togetherness, openness, optimism, responsibility and environmental awareness. A natural progression from these ideals leads to peace - and as a part of the Norway 2000 project, youth from many nations are being brought together on the three Norwegian sail training vessels SØRLANDET, CHRISTIAN RADICH and STATSRAAD LEHMKUHL to live and work in a team-building environment. It is hoped that a small contribution in terms of understanding, trust and mutual respect between peoples will emerge from the Norway 2000 campaign.

The SØRLANDET and the CHRISTIAN RADICH moored alongside the HMS BELFAST.

On 7th July 2000, two of the tall ships - the SØRLANDET and the CHRISTIAN RADICH - sailed together up the Thames and moored alongside the HMS BELFAST - a magnificent sight in itself. As readers will recall, the SØRLANDET is entered with Assuranceforeningen Gard. This proved a most welcome opportunity to celebrate the establishment of Gard Services on 1st July. In a reception on board the SØRLANDET, the new company's Chief Executive Officer, Mr John G. Bernander and other members of the Gard Services team welcomed a large number of guests -

The establishment of Gard Services was celebrated on board the SØRLANDET.

Members, brokers and business friends from the London insurance community. A self-running presentation below deck introduced the new company, its product lines and its organisation.

Anatoliy Shumilin (Novoship (UK) Limited) and John G. Bernander (Gard Services)

Ron O'Connor (TRB (London) Ltd), Kurt Severinsen (Gard Services) and Azwin Azeharie (TRB (London) Ltd)

The SØRLANDET, built in 1927 and based in Kristiansand, represents a direct link to the type of ship which was the foundation of all the marine insurance entities now forming Gard Services.

Claes Isacson (Gard Services), Peter Ahlas (HSBC), Bengt Hermelin (Samco Services Ltd), Iain Laird and Kari Svenke (Gard Services)

Gunnar Aasberg (Gard Services) and Eddie Thompson (Amerada Hess)

Gard News is published quarterly by Gard Services AS, Arendal, Norway.