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If the ship’s gangway has to be used alongside a berth, and the arrangement is such that the bottom of the gangway has to rest on the dock, with slack falls, please make sure that the bottom end can travel freely and without being caught up in obstructions such as bollards, tracks, cranes etc. The vessel, and the gangway, will move as the tide rises and falls, and a certain ranging of the vessel must also be expected.

In the photo above, the deck watchman probably got tired of checking and adjusting the gangway all the time and attempted to make life easier by tying it up to an electrical switchbox conveniently located next to the gangway. We imagine that after this picture was taken, the switchbox was rapidly turned into an ex-switchbox.

It is clearly a part of the duties of a deck watchman to make frequent checks of the gangway and make adjustments as necessary. But please: No clever ideas! We are grateful to our correspondents in Barcelona, Messrs. Bull Sworn Surveyors for the above picture.