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As noted to Members in a Circular dated September 1997, . has been established in Hong Kong. An opening reception for the office was held in November 1997 and the office has assumed its full role as a regional service centre since 20th February 1998.

The office provides claims-related assistance and P&I advice in Asia excluding Japan, co-ordinating closely with the head office in Arendal and the Association’s other offices. Dedicated computer connections link offices for uninterrupted Member service.The office will not underwrite.

The Managing Director of Gard Asia is Mr Julian Lister.He was previously the principal of Gard’s correspondent in Hong Kong, J. A. Lister & Co. Ltd. He has 24 years P&I related experience, the past 18 of which have been gained in Hong Kong. Many Members have had dealings with Mr Lister over the years.

Ms Michelle Pun, who is also known to many Members, will serve as the senior Claims Executive.Ms Pun who was born in Hong Kong, has 12 years P&I related experience. She speaks both Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as English.

A Director from the head office, Mr Christopher J. Brown, is working in Gard Asia during the establishment of the office.

The office staff has experience with claims of all types, including cargo, collision, and personal injury matters. As such, the office can advise Members, brokers, liaise with port correspondents and handle claims throughout the region. The office will also function as port correspondent for Hong Kong. Gard’s published List of Correspondents will reflect this change from the 1998 policy year.

The full style of the office can be found in the list of the Association’s offices in this issue of Gard News.