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Nick Platt. Gard News congratulates Nick Platt on 25 years of service with Gard. Nick has also been a member of the Gard News editorial committee for five years.

Thomas Nordberg, currently Managing Director of Gard Services (Sweden) AB, will be seconded to Gard’s Hong Kong office for two years, starting this summer.

Rolf Thore Roppestad, Manager in the Insurance Department, P&I in Arendal, has been appointed Managing Director of Gard Services (Sweden) AB for the period during which Thomas Nordberg will be in Hong Kong.

Harald Fotland has taken over responsibility as Head of Loss Prevention. He has retained his responsibilities as Vice President for the Technical Department and so the Loss Prevention and Technical departments have been combined into a single department, named the Risk Assessment & Loss Prevention Department. This new department will provide services related to loss prevention, technical support and risk assessment for the whole of Gard Services.

Ole and Eva Enge retired at the end of April. It has been a pleasure to enjoy their expertise, loyalty and kindness through many years of service. Ole has worked with Gard since 1968, Eva since 1983. We wish them all the best for a long, active and happy retirement period.

Matti Temmes has resigned from his position as Chairman of Oy Gard Services (Baltic) AB. Matti
was one of the three founders of Oy Baltic Protection AB and has served the company with dedication and success for 13 years. We thank Matti for the long and pleasant co-operation and wish him the best of luck and success in his life
and future.

Anne Walker has resigned from her position as Deputy Underwriter in the Insurance Department, P&I, London, to become a full-time mother. We
wish Anne the best of luck in the future.

William Moore has resigned from his position as Head of Loss Prevention to return to his native United States. We wish Bill luck in the future.

Astri Mosvoll retired at the end of May after over 37 years of service with Gard. Astri has worked as secretary in the defence department since it was established in 1983. We wish her a long and happy retirement.


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