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Just Arne Storvik has been appointed Head of the newly created Capital and Risk Management Department, which will include finance, reinsurance, statistics, analyses and the controller function. Just Arne will maintain his position as Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, with responsibility for Accounting across all business areas.

Svein Buvik has taken over responsibility for the Information and Communication Technology Department.

Einar Christensen has completed his secondment to Gard Services Hong Kong and has returned to the Casualty, Environmental and Property section of the Claims Department, P&I in Arendal, where he has been appointed Senior Claims Executive.

Tonje Forøy, former Claims Executive/Lawyer in the cargo section of the Claims Department, P&I, has been appointed Underwriter/Lawyer in the Insurance Department, P&I.

Line Dahle, former Deputy Underwriter, has been appointed Underwriter in the Insurance Department, Marine, Bergen.

Inger Anne Sørlie, former Deputy Underwriter in the Insurance Department, Marine in Oslo, has been appointed Lawyer in the Defence Department in Arendal.

Per Haveland has permanently moved to Arendal, where he will continue to work with Marine and P&I claims.

Ivor Goveas has returned to his position as Claims Executive in Gard Services London after two and a half years at the Claims Department, P&I in Arendal.

Guillermo Ruan has resigned from his position as Claims Executive/Lawyer in the Claims Department, P&I to relocate to his native Colombia, where he will run a company offering marketing and claims services exclusively to Gard Services, its members and clients.


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