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Gard News 191, August/October 2008

A cherished colleague, an invaluable source of knowledge and experience and a great ambassador for Gard throughout his 27 years of service – David Comer retired from Gard on 30th June 2008.

It is no coincidence that David used his last period of service to spearhead Gard’s most recent corporate development: the establishment of Lingard Limited in Bermuda, set up to manage the affairs of Gard P&I (Bermuda) Limited and Gard Marine and Energy Limited. Ever since he joined Gard in 1981 from Steamship Mutual, David has been instrumental in some of the developments that have paved the way for what the Gard Group has become, starting with securing direct membership of the International Group of P&I Clubs in 1982, and establishing Gard (UK) Limited in the same year. As a certified accountant and experienced financial adviser, David put to good use his knowledge of the broader business environment.

David has also represented Gard in different International Group sub-committees, including the Reinsurance Sub-Committee. Whether for Gard or for the wider shipping community, he has always demonstrated the utmost regard for the interests of the shipowners that the P&I clubs have been established to serve. The result is that he is held in the highest regard across the industry.

Anyone having the pleasure of meeting David, whether in a business setting or otherwise, can not fail to appreciate his excellent manners, diverse knowledge, eloquence and wit. These are, of course, enviable virtues of a true English gentleman.

All friends at Gard wish David, our trusted officer and gentleman, a long and happy retirement with lots of golf, travel and good food and wine.


Gard News 191, August/October 2008

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