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The Casualty, Environmental, Property & Liquid Cargo Claims group

Gard News presents the members of staff who look after “wet” claims.

The Casualty, Environmental, Property & Liquid Cargo Claims (CEP) section of the Claims Department consists of a team of 18 people always prepared to take action in a wide range of P&I cases. The group deals with all casualties, whether serious or minor, including collisions, striking incidents, groundings, wreck removals and pollution claims. In addition, all claims concerning liquid bulk and gas cargoes are handled by this group.

The group includes a healthy mix of seafarers with experience from various types of vessels, lawyers, marine biologists and others. This ensures that members’ interests are well protected whether it is from a legal or from a practical point of view.

With increasing property values, growing global environmental concerns, tougher legal regimes, including higher or non-existent limitation of shipowners’ liability, it is important to have a strong team specialising in “wet” work. The CEP group is an enthusiastic team with high levels of expertise and professionalism, always eager to offer the best service when required.

Einar Christensen is the senior manager with administrative and supervisory responsibility for the group. He is a qualified Norwegian lawyer who has had secondments to Gard’s London and Hong Kong offices.

From left: Einar Christensen and Jan Kr. Jacobsen.

The group has five senior claims executives, eight claims executives and four claims assistants.

Work in the CEP group is primarily organised by geographic area. Each senior claims executive or claims executive is responsible for handling claims for given members, allocated by the member’s place of business. This contributes to the building of good working relationships between members or brokers and the claims staff in the CEP group. In addition, the senior claims executives specialise in various subject areas, and are able to offer specialist support within the group and the Gard organisation at large.

From left: Christopher Mackrill, Kim Jefferies, Ruth Sætran, Gunnar Espeland, Hans-Øyvind Leikvin.

The senior claims executives
Jan Kr. Jacobsen is a former master mariner with 20 years’ experience at sea, including as first mate on board a 100,000 GT pre-inert gas system OBO which suffered a mid-ocean explosion. His primary duties involve on-site casualty handling and mentoring of claims executives.

Gunnar Espeland is a former seafarer and holder of a master’s licence He has extensive experience in handling liquid cargo claims and pollution matters.

Hans-Øyvind Leikvin is a former master mariner with 22 years’ experience at sea, including as master of drill ships and offshore tugs, and has diverse experience such as towing icebergs away from drill ships and platforms. Much of his time in recent years has been dedicated to the wreck removal and handling of claims following the sinking of the TRICOLOR.

From left: Andreas Brachel, Tonje Castberg, Inger Lill A. Jacobsen.

Kim Jefferies is a US-qualified lawyer who worked for many years with one of Gard’s correspondent law firms in the US. She specialises in US pollution, particularly criminal cases, and charterers’ liability.

Christopher Mackrill is a graduate from Duke University (USA), with degrees in biology and environmental science and a master’s degree in maritime law from the London Metropolitan University. Christopher’s focus is on the rapidly developing field of environmental issues and claims.

The claims executives
As mentioned above, each claims executive handles all types of claims allocated to the CEP section. Their backgrounds are as follows:

From left: Janneth Mjøs, Alf Ove Stenhagen, Grethe Ljøstad, Rannveig Dannevig Depew.

Andreas Brachel has a law degree from the University of Oslo and also studied law in Calgary, Canada. Roar S. Larsen has a degree in Shipping Administration from the Norwegian Maritime College. Ranveig D. Depew has a law degree from the University of Oslo. Jannike Rognøy Olsson, who holds a master’s licence, worked as deck officer on board Norwegian tankers. Tonje Castberg, who worked as a research scientist with marine and other ecological issues, holds a PhD in microbiology from the University of Bergen. Alf Ove Stenhagen has a seafaring background as deck officer and master. Anne Boye has studied business economics and marine insurance. Grethe Ljøstad has completed insurance and law studies.

From left: Roar Larsen, Jannike Rognøy Olsson, Anne Boye, Karin Laursen Moy.

The claims assistants
The CEP group’s claims assistants are Ruth Sætran, Karin Laursen Moy, Inger Lill Jacobsen and Janneth Mjøs.

Gard News 185, February/April 2007

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