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Haiti’s situation has become increasingly uncertain following the days of Jovenel Moise’s assassination earlier this month. In the Caribbean island nation of 11 million, Haitians faced gang violence and political protests in the capital city Port-au-Prince. Port operations have been affected due to the violent unrest.

As a result of the violence, shots were fired at one of our member’s vessel across the starboard side while calling at Port-au-Prince. All 22 crew onboard are reported safe and did not suffer any injuries. Agents have assured that the vessel was not deliberately targeted, and the incident was the result of a conflict between two local gangs.

The terminals have taken a proactive approach by increasing security measures. ISPS security level 2 have been implemented by Varreaux Terminal and the container terminal (CPS) at Port au Prince. All vessels calling at Haitian ports are urged to apply ISPS security level 2.

All members and clients should ensure their crew are familiar with the current situation in these challenging times.