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The NRC/Resolve joint venture 1-Call Alaska extends their APC services to cover all non-tank vessels operating in the Aleutian Islands, Bristol Bay, and Kodiak Island subareas.

Further to our Member Circular No. 5/2015 concerning the provision of coverage for non-tank vessel operators for vessels transiting the Aleutian Islands in Western Alaska, the NRC/Resolve Marine Group have recently announced that 1-Call Alaska has received final approval from the US Coast Guard to extend its services to cover all non-tank vessels operating within the Western Alaska COTP Zone for the Aleutian Islands, Bristol Bay and Kodiak Island subareas.

When navigating in the 1-Call Alaska coverage area, vessels must carry on board a number of documents, including the latest version of the 1-Call Alaska Vessel Operational Guidelines.

Details of the NRC/Resolve announcement can be found here and the latest version of the 1-Call Alaska Operational Guidelines can be found here.


Members and clients should note that at present the 1-Call Alaska cover only applies to non-tank vessels although NRC/Resolve are expecting to receive final USCG approval to expand their APC coverage to tank vessels in the near future.

The 1-Call Alaska coverage is also available to shipowners and operators who are not currently NRC clients for OPA 90 compliance by signing the short form contract and the accompanying 1-Call Alaska Addendum. The 1-Call Alaska Addendum conforms with the International Group’s Guidelines for Vessel Response Plans. Members should contact NRC/Resolve at 1CallAlaska@nrcc.com for further details.

Any questions with regard to the above may be addressed to Mary Cantle or Nick Platt, Gard (UK) Limited or Frank Gonynor, Gard (North America) Inc.